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The, Inc mission is to provide a web based resource center for in-home solutions for safer, healthier living for seniors and others requiring various types of home care as well as providing online resources for family members to assist in managing that care.

History was actually conceived of in early 2002 with the idea of providing the best senior care and home health care resources available. Subsequently, the domain name was registered with the idea of providing the "Best" resources to our parents and family members that may need some form of care, whatever that care may be. From Home Health Care to Housekeepers and family care management tools, we intend to make the care process easier and safer.

A business plan was developed over time and the company was offically incorporated in 2008. Funds were raised from prominent investors and the company begin software development.



CEO - Bill Tymoszczuk

Bill Tymoszczuk
Mr. Bill Tymoszczuk is the lead creator and co-founder of He graduated from Valley Forge High School in 1976 and went on to pursue a degree from Case Western Reserve University. He was a summer student fellow for the American Cancer Society doing research in Immunopathology at the Cleveland Clinic. During his student research years, he published papers in various medical journals. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1980 with a Bachelor's in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Anthropology.

Following graduation, Mr. Tymoszczuk worked as a biochemist doing Cystic Fibrosis Research and entered the business side of health care with a pharmaceutical sales position with Stuart Pharmaceuticals. He then began a career with Dako Corporation, where he helped train histologists and pathologists on Immunohistochemical staining techniques, as a Technical Sales Representative. Mr. Tymoszczuk left Dako to pursue starting his own company in the communications industry. As far as his entrepreneurial work experience, Mr. Tymoszczuk was credited with helping to deregulate the payphone industry in Ohio in the 80's and founded the Ohio Public Communications Association (OPCA) while serving as its Director. During this time, he was acting President of PhoneTel, a publicly traded payphone and operator service company which he helped take public.

Mr. Tymoszczuk has first hand experience with what being a caregiver is all about. He lived with his father (diagnosed with Dementia & Alzheimer’s) as a caregiver for 3 years until August 2008. 15 years previously, he assisted his mom and watched as Hospice took care of her at home. Both experiences, along with his keen interest in health care delivery, have helped formulated what was required to create

President - Joan Nelson

Joan Nelson
Joan Nelson is one of the co-founders of She graduated from Kent State University and has been providing federal and state funded care to children, including those with special needs, for over 20 years with numerous accreditations. Her daycare operation was voted one of the top 5 in Northeast Ohio by Cleveland Magazine and is one of the few centers in Ohio that has a “Step Up To Quality” 2 Star Rating. Having to talk with parents of children in her daycare center, she recognized that a great many of them also had to care for their aging parents and grandparents. With her own parents in their golden years, she decided to use her experience in providing quality care to help others with aging parents. Ms. Nelson founded with a focus on safety, information resources, manageability and care for our aging family members. Ms Nelson also has firsthand experience with ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance in remodeling homes, specifically her own, that are totally handicap accessible and recognizes the unique needs of these individuals. She also has firsthand experience with hospice as she cared for a niece that was in Hospice of Western Reserve. Her commitment was even recognized in a video testimonial for the capital campaign for Hospice of Western Reserve.

Vice President Member Services - Jean Schonauer

Jean Schonauer
Jean Schonauer is one of the co-founders and Vice President of Member Services. She attended Kent State University with a concentration in Business Management, Accounting. Ms. Schonuaer has been and is the Chief Financial Officer of Lake-Geauga United Head Start for over 6 years. Her expertise in health care includes serving as the Director of Salida Wood, an assisted living facility and she was the Chief Operating Officer of Layton Physical Therapy for 11 years. She was instrumental in selling contracted home care services, hiring and day to day operations that took the company from 4 employees to over 75 employees. She also worked in the field of tax accounting and data processing for two large regional accounting firms.

Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officier - Peter DeRooy

Peter DeRooy
Pete has over 25 years of experience in executive level positions with large and small, public and private companies in various industries, focusing on finance and accounting, raising capital and building infrastructure, Mr. DeRooy was most recently Director of Finance and Operations with a start-up company in the financial services industry, helping build it to a 75 employee, $20+ million in revenue leader in its industry. He began his career in public accounting with two national CPA firms.

Information Security Director - Lloyd Drown

Lloyd Drown
Mr. Lloyd Drown is an accomplished Information Technology Professional with proven success resolving highly complex technical issues. He has extensive qualifications in staff training and leadership, resource management, project planning and all aspects of project development. Mr. Drown follows a project from requirements definition and analysis through conceptual design, testing and completion. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL and graduate work in Economics and Econometrics at The University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

His experience includes:
  • UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE, Louisville, KY -Senior Programmer / Web Coordinator
  • GE APPLIANCE PARK, Louisville, KY - Web Analyst / Consultant
  • FEDERAL EXPRESS, Memphis, TN - Consultant
  • PNC BANK, Louisville, KY - IT Audit Supervisor

Director of Online Development and Marketing - Ron Parker

Ron Parker
Mr. Parker is in charge of our online development and marketing program. Prior to working with us, Mr. Parker had an extensive background in the communications industry. He built several long distance companies, with one of his companies being sold to Cincinnati Bell. Mr. Parker has served as a National Sales Manager and Product Development Manager for several notable companies, including Fox Fiber and Frontier Communications.

As far as Mr.Parker's Internet experience, he is an accomplished web designer and Internet marketer. He served as the Internet consultant for the yellowPageDirctory ( and other large corporations to develop and manage online subscriptions. There are very few individuals that understand the power of the Internet and how it can serve individuals and companies alike. Mr. Parker is such an individual, with a passion for learning and creating varvarious Internet applications.

Account Management and Member Support - Mariah Murphy

Mariah Murphy
Mariah has an extensive background in customer service and account management. She graduated from Lakeland Community College in 1998 with a degree in Business Management. She has also spent several years assisting seniors in coordinating Medicare and supplemental insurance plans, and is a certified Electrocardiograph Technician. Currently she is completing school to continue assisting others in need of help as a Psychiatric Nurse specializing in adolescents and children.   
Mariah grew up in a military family and was originally from Texas. She has lived all over the United States and enjoys talking to people from everywhere.  In her spare time, Mariah is busy with her two daughters, attending school and working with a non-profit animal foundation. She readily admits that she loves her job stating, “I took the position with because the business model was so different than any other home health care referral model I had seen in my years working in the medical industry”.