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New Avenues To Independence

A group of dedicated parents founded New Avenues to Independence as the Parents’ Volunteer Association in 1952 to provide a variety of experiences, such as education and social interaction, for children with disabilities whose only other alternative was living in institutions. As the children grew, so did their need for additional opportunities which were unavailable elsewhere. It was then that we began to seek out alternatives. We believed a group home setting would provide a pleasant living environment for the individuals and promote the development of daily living skills, physical abilities, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, in 1971, New Avenues became the owner and operator of the first private, non-profit group home in Cuyahoga County.

Today, the mission of New Avenues is “to provide opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs to become more independent and productive members of society by offering the highest quality support services and developing innovative and inclusive programs.” New Avenues has, over time, evolved into an organization that serves over 550 individuals with disabilities such as, Down syndrome, autism, mental health, and significant medical issues. As a result, comprehensive care is provided for the individuals that New Avenues serves. We offer habilitative, therapeutic (music, language, art, occupational, and physical), recreational, medical, nursing, transitional respite, vocational, and residential ser more...
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