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“Follow Us” Fun-Raiser - Here is How it Works

A user goes to, looks for the social network icons at the bottom of the page and can follow us on Twitter, Friend us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or do all three. When they do, will add a CaringCredit to your account for each net gain in twitter followers, facebook friends or YouTube subscriptions. Nothing else is required. If a single user does all three, your organization would generate 3 CaringCredits. The three day fundraiser will run from Thursday 10pm to Sunday 10pm. We will take a snapshot of all three social networks at the beginning of the fundraiser and all three at the end to credit your account.

Below, I have included a sample announcement you can use for facebook, twitter, your web site or email blast to members. We will also make a custom logo for this fundraiser for you.

For, we would rather pay your organization than Google, Yahoo or Bing to deliver visitors to our site. Read on and if you are interested give us a call.

How Much can My Nonprofit Make?

First it will depend on how many tweets, facebook announcements or emails you want to send out but we can do some quick math.

Let’s say your organization had 3,607 people that “Liked” you on facebook and 385 twitter followers for a total of 3,992. If each user follows, likes or subscribes to all three of our social networks that would be 3 CaringCredits x 3,992 Users or 11,976 CaringCredits which translates to $1,198 of in kind services.

Where it can get interesting is, if your members/supporters post the notice on their facebook pages, twitter page or send out emails to their family, friends, employees or coworkers and recruit one other person to do the same. The math is simple: add another 11,976 CaringCredits which translates to another $1,198 of in kind services for a new total of $2,396.

I think you can see the implications of how this can really grow within 72 hours. Our wish is for your organization to generate $3-$5k of services to be redeemed for products or services that we offer directly or indirectly through our providers (home healthcare, housekeeping or remodeling).

How Does Our Nonprofit Redeem CaringCredits?

CaringCredits can be used to purchase medical equipment such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, beds etc, a MyCare Folder ( or provide for reimbursement of private pay respite care, housekeeping or remodeling and handyman services from a registered provider.

The process is simple. Call one of our Care Team members and let them know what provider you want and how much the bill is or will be. Fax or email (preferred) us a copy of the bill or quote. We will verify that you have enough CaringCredits in your account to cover the bill or quote. If you do, we will convert the CaringCredits to a cash equivalent and send a check payable to your organization. Checks will be processed within 24-48 hours of verification and mailed. would like to get as many of its providers involved as possible. To the extent jobs or funds can be dispersed among different providers, it would be greatly appreciated and help promote your own cause.


Here is a sample of what you can post on your web site, blogs, facebook, twitter pages or other social networks or you can just send out the announcement in emails to members & supporters

(This fundraiser was for


3 Day "Follow Us" Fundraiser from

to Help “Cleaning For Heroes” to Help More Heroes

10 pm (EST) Thursday, November 18th thru 10 pm (EST) Sunday, November 21st


Simply go to look for the social network icons at the bottom of their page and follow them on Twitter, Friend them on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube Channel or do all three. When you do will give a “CaringCredit” to Cleaning For Heroes for each net gain in twitter followers, facebook friends or YouTube subscriptions. Nothing else is required. However, they do have some great Family Care Management tools where you can find local care providers store and retrieve you prescription information, medical history and much more…all free to individuals and families that want to register. And, if you do register, you can pick Cleaning For Heroes as your favorite nonprofit to get us 5 more CaringCredits (After you register, go to “MyAccount” and under CaringCredits Fundraiser click on “Getting Started” and pick us from the dropdown menu).

CaringCredits will be redeemed by Cleaning For Heroes for Housekeeping, remodeling and handyman services or maybe some respite care from registered providers on

Please pass this information on to anyone and everyone you know. If you have any questions, you can call at 216-478-CARE (2273).

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