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The CaringCredits program was created to help support healthcare and ministry driven nonprofits by

  • Increasing awareness for their cause;
  • Virally spread a link to their donation page to help them raise money;
  • Earn CaringCredits to buy medical equipment or services through our care provider network.

Best of all, it is absolutely FREE to nonprofits and the individuals and families seeking care!

Earning CaringCredits & Helping Your Favorite Nonprofit

The CaringCredits Program uses the power of article and video marketing, social media and other internet marketing strategies as the fundamental driving force to help promote your favorite Nonprofit. There are two ways you and your Nonprofit can benifit: when you register and choose your Nonprofit and when an article or video is published.


elder care caring credit program

Article & Video Publishing

health care reform caring credit program

Our unique blend of technology and internet marketing is a win-win solution for your Nonprofit, you and all users.

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