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2 Free Door Decals
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Only $14.95 *
The MyCare Folder provides an easy way for families, healthcare providers and emergency responders to locate your vital medical information... which can saves lives.

The MyCare Folder Benefits
  • It's easy to use
  • No monthly fees
  • No software is required
  • Avoid potentially harmful drug interactions
  • Avoid medical errors and reduce treatment time
  • Visibly placed on your refrigerator door with attached magnet
  • Door Decals alert and direct emergency responders to your information
  • Preprinted forms are included to make it is easy to complete your information or store, update and print your information Free through MyCare
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*If you are registered on and have created your own MyCare Account, the folder is only $9.95. Once you Login to your MyCare Account, you will see the MyCare folder discounted.

Medical History Bracelet

health care Bracelet

With the CARE Medical History Bracelet and the preloaded CARE e-Manager Software, you can take control of your medical history. And because you'll always have the CARE Medical History Bracelet with you, medical staff can quickly and securely view records on the spot, whether in a doctor's office or an emergency responder's laptop. It can save a life! Great for aging parents.

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