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I have high blood pressure - now what?
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by Bill Johnson (View Profile)
Home Health Ohio

There are several different changes that your body goes through as it ages and for the most part you notice these changes even when others cannot. No one knows your body like you do. But there are some changes that happen to the body that are silent and you don't even realize that it is happening until it develops into a condition or disease. One such condition is high blood pressure.

There are several factors that can attribute to the development of high blood pressure. They incl

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by Chris Hodge

It seems you have high blood pressure. This is not a good thing, as your doctor has no doubt told you. What it basically boils down to is that your blood is too dense, and your blood vessels may not be able to properly contain it in the future. And if a blood vessel bursts inside any part of your body, it can cause you to bleed internally, which can kill you within a short period of time. So of course, you have to control your blood pressure, in order to maintain a healthy life. And since contro

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