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MyCare Lets You Store, Manage and Retrieve Important Information About Your Health and Care. Share the Care and Keep Family Members Informed With the FamilyCare Feature

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FamilyCare Log

family health care
Prevent Miscommunications

Invite family members, care providers and friends
Keep everyone informed and updated instantly
Archieve your communications for easy retrival
Keep a daily record of everything everyone does for
your loved one

"With a large family, making one posting is an easy way to keep everyone informed about Dad." Peter D., Mentor, OH

Calendar & To Do Lists

Keep track of all your appointments
Email reminders to you or family members
Create “To Do” Lists and share the care with family members

"With all the appointments my parents have, sharing that information online with my brothers and sister makes it easy to manage and share their care." Jean S. Perry, OH

Medication Listing

senior care medication

List, store and retrieve what medications you are taking
Print your medication listing for easy access by emergency responders

"We have all of our Dad’s medication information printed, labeled in a folder and on our refrigerator making it easy for other family members to bring to his doctor appointments." Maryellen S. Cleveland, OH

Contact Info

Store and retrieve important contact information from anywhere

  • * Family and Friends
  • * Emergency Contacts
  • * Healthcare Professionals
  • * Your Pharmacy

"Storing all my contact information in one place has been a great timesaver" Ron P. Columbus, OH

Health History & Profile

manage home health care

List, manage and retrieve your health history and medical conditions

  • * Known allergies
  • * Immunizations
  • * Avoid medical errors
  • * Hospitalizations
  • * Blood type
  • * Current conditions

"Every new doctor I go to seems to want the same medical history information which I could never really remember. Now I just print it out and give it to them" John T. North Ridgeville, OH

Insurance Information

Store all your insurance information for easy access

  • * Policy & group numbers
  • * Co-pays & deductibles
  • * Agent information
  • * Claim information
Medical - Life - Disability - Property

"Now, our family knows where to go to get all our parents pertinent insurance information !" Joe T. Kent, OH

Grant Other Users Access

Give others the ability to access all or part of your information

  • Invite others to share in your care
  • Keep out of town family members informed
  • Grant permission to view only or edit each section
  • Track who is viewing or editing any of your information

"What a great family care management tool!"  Mike T. Columbus, OH

Personal Information

Store as much personal information that you want

  • Add your photo
  • Include your address and/or living arrangements
  • Detail physical characteristics: height, weight, gender, etc

Family & Social History Information

complete care

Store your Family & Social History information

  • An important part of creating a good diagnosis of any disease condition is knowing an individual's family history.
  • Here you can choose from common disease conditions such as heart conditions, stroke, etc or add your own for each type of family member.

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